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Alzheimer Awareness Month – See the Person

January is Alzheimer Awareness Month in Canada, and the Alzheimer Society has just launched a new campaign: “See me, not my disease. Let’s talk about dementia.” According to the Society’s website, the goals of the campaign include increasing knowledge about Alzheimer’s, decreasing the stigma associated with it, and helping people remember to see the person […]

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National Post: Rise of the Independent Publishers

In yesterday’s National Post, Barbara Kay wrote on the future of publishing, and spoke with Kenneth Tam about Iceberg and Champions. Here’s a peek: “Tam’s decade-long pioneering experience in this new, no-rules publishing world shows that small presses can invent themselves as they evolve. Iceberg just launched a new series, The Champions, which will release […]

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Two Female Leads?

I was recently asked why the lead characters in Champions are “Alex and Stephanie”. I misinterpreted the question with my first response; the person actually wanted to know why the series has two female leads. Still, my first answer stands, even if it might make me sound insane… Lady Alex Smith and Second Lieutenant Stephanie […]

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