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New Year. New Microsites.

The Iceberg Publishing team has been known to tackle some relatively simple projects during the Christmas holidays. First there was the year we redesigned and proofread the entire backlist to accommodate the new sizes required for international distribution as part of the 2010 plan. Next there was the year we moved the majority of our […]

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What Would Mike Strong Do?

It is a question for the ages, and one upon which the fate of lives, nations, and planets might hinge. It is the unofficial slogan of Champions, the fun quip that adorns swag, and an inside joke that keeps on giving. It is… the result of sleep depravation, and good spirits, and friendship. What would […]

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January –– the month when fitness clubs see an influx of new members and people tuck away their credit cards as they resolve to exercise more and spend less. A quick Google search reveals that no matter which list you look at, there are approximately 10 common New Year’s resolutions: exercise more, eat less/healthier/better, lose […]

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