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And We’re Back

Shangri-la-teaserIt’s been more than a year since we ended the Champions of 1942 on a rather unapologetic cliffhanger, and the only penance I can offer for that slight is that there’ll be no waiting between installments of the Champions of 1943. Today, all five novellas have launched across all major ebook services. Getting here has been quite a ride.

The decision to release all five books at once was made partly out of pragmatism (we moved Iceberg 3,500 km across Canada since Progeny, so maintaining the old release schedule would have been impossible), partly due to data analysis (a surprising number of readers wait until the end of each year, then grab everything for a binge-read), and most importantly due to the fact that this year’s stories are very tightly-knit.

Seriously, if we made you wait two months between Shades and Hades, you wouldn’t like us. You think it was bad waiting to find out if Glenn was under that dumpster…

So what lies ahead for Alex, Stephanie and Strong as we get into 1943? Will they be together? Will they be ambulatory? Whose side will they be on? You don’t have to wait to find out, though I will editorialize just a little. Spoilers for 1941 and 1942 ahead — govern yourself accordingly!

The end of 1942 came with the discovery that the Nazis were — somehow, almost inexplicably — pulling the strings that had led the world to war, while developing technology that they couldn’t possibly be smart enough to create.

And then, of course, Emily and her cabal appeared — including Lord Duncan, Sergeant Major Eric Turner, and a mysterious man in tan — just in time to collect Alex during her equally-inexplicable midnight food run with Stephanie.

Readers who picked up Harm’s Way will know something about Eric Turner’s backstory with Emily — the special bonus chapter, exclusive to that print omnibus, tells of his involvement. But as we start 1943, there are many, many questions to be answered… and when answers come, it might be fair to wonder whether they add up.

One thing is for certain: Emily and her designs will finally come to light in 1943 — and the ideas that have founded the entire system of ‘Champions’ within the British Empire and the United States will be challenged.

In future author notes, I’ll dive into some of the emerging issues; for now, I invite Champions readers to enter a new year of intrigue, action, and danger with Shangri-La, Shades, Hades, Savages, and Scars.

Print readers, take note: Scar Tissue, the 1943 omnibus, will follow early next year. Stay tuned to this site for dates and information.

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