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Behind Cover

I am sometimes asked about book covers… where they come from. The details of my answer vary depending on the context and the person asking the question, but the essence is very simple: they come from the book.

The current edition of Standing Tall: A Daughter’s Gift, for instance, features an image of the ‘old man’s head’ from Bellevue Beach on the front cover, and on the back, a photo of my father and me sitting on different rocks on that same beach.

The images were chosen for the anniversary edition because Bellevue is such a significant part of our story. It’s the beach we visited every summer from the time I was two-years-old. It’s the beach where we collected the piece of iceberg that decades later inspired Iceberg Publishing’s name. And it’s the last beach my father and I walked together when Alzheimer’s had him in its grip.

The old man’s head was our destination that last day, as it had been so often throughout the years. Tall and strong, it rose from the water, both withstanding and being shaped by the elements it faced. Incredibly beautiful, it is symbolic of a relationship that both withstood and was shaped by all that we faced together.

Father and daughter, 15 years apart and in two different locations on the same beach…

The photo on the back is also symbolic. Created from two images taken 15 years apart, it erases both that time gap and the physical distance that existed between the rock he sat on roughly in line with the old man’s head, and the one I rested on hundreds of feet down the beach. It too represents the essence of the story… and, of course, the connection with my dad that continues to this day.