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Big Day For Iceberg Alumnus

Fioravanti-MainToday is a big day for Iceberg Publishing’s first award-winning author, John Fioravanti. He and his wife Anne are officially announcing their new publishing house –– Fiora Books –– and are setting out on their own. But they’re not going far.

John was one of Kenneth’s very best high school teachers. When we first imagined a book that tried to capture what makes some teachers exceptional, he was the obvious person to approach. The result, A Personal Journey to the Heart of Teaching, was released in Fall 2007, and the following spring was recognized with an Independent Publisher Book Award Bronze medal.

Since that time John has retired from teaching and has been building a body of fictional work based in the Equations universe. The initial plan was for John’s project, The Genesis Saga, to remain with Iceberg, but as Kenneth said in the Fiora Books news release, we were “caught with a good problem: too many stories, and not enough time… and we realized the best solution was divide and conquer. We’re very fortunate indeed to have our dear friend John launching an allied publishing house.”

More details on Fiora Books’ future releases will be found on their website, and we’ll explain the unique Iceberg-Fiora alliance in future author notes. For now, looking back on our seven years together, it’s my pleasure to mark this occasion with a message to our friend…

John, we have been extremely proud to have you as part of the Iceberg team, and now as an Iceberg alumnus, you have become a wonderful ally in this new world of publishing. We wish you, Anne, and Fiora Books every success, and look forward to the bright future for our two great houses.

Most importantly, we can’t wait to read your stories, because we know how much you and Anne cherish the written word. Congratulations!

To read the Fiora Books news release, click here.