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Coercive Gifts

Iceberg has been very fortunate to find thoughtful and dedicated readers over the years, and these fine people never fail to surprise us.

This week, perhaps the ultimate Defense Command fan Keith Pine Sine –– who may have read every DC novel more times than I have, and I wrote the damned things –– presented us with something very cool indeed: laser-etched wood plates of each of the five Defense Command omnibi… omnibuses… whatever, they’re awesome!

Apparently, the initial intention was to make them coaster-sized, but they worked out much better at near-full size, because the laser-etching process really does capture all the detail from Wes Prewer‘s cover images. They’re stunning, and a wonderful gift from a loyal reader.

But, of course, this gift came with an agenda, because despite being a kind and loyal sort of person, Keith and his wife Regan are by no means naive to the ways of the world. These wonderful etchings are thus a reminder to me, that no matter how busy things are with Champions, there are a ton of readers out there waiting for another series to get off the drawing board.

So yes, everyone, Black Sun is still very much on its way. But if you want to send more awesome gifts to encourage me to move faster, I’ll be open to that. Just sayin’.

Thanks Keith and Regan –– Defense Command truly is lucky to have readers like you.