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Daragh Hates You

AN-TPTSmallI won’t be commenting on any of this week’s political scandals in Canada, because frankly, I’m tired of it all. Government is something I think can be a sacred calling –– a noble and vital undertaking, that gives us all the chance to do great things. This week hasn’t shaken my resolve, because apparently my optimism isn’t as lapsed as I like to pretend it is… but I just can’t be bothered to take a position on senators or mayors, because my hot air won’t improve things –– at least not now. Alas, my perspective is probably too old fashioned.

Since the advent of social media, the brutal feeding frenzy that bubbles up around any political scandal has honestly shocked me. I appreciate intelligent, insightful, scathing opinions about issues… but so often I find that informed opinion quickly gives way to spectacle, especially when facts must be communicated in 140 characters or less. Discussion goes by the wayside, or turns into an argument of talking points by Tweet or Facebook comment. We drift further away from what’s really going on, and divide ourselves along battle lines that, if we took a step back, might seem slightly ridiculous.

One day, I’ll write my comments about politics in Canada –– and perhaps politics in general. I’ll discuss why I think the team-sport mentality that has overtaken certain aspects of the process can be incredibly dangerous, as well as the things I’ve seen that give me hope.

But that day is not today. For now, I’ll simply send a message to all those involved in these scandals: Daragh Ryan hates you.

Also: You’re lightweights.

Want a real scandal? How about the Prime Minister’s 64-year-old Chief of Staff getting caught marrying a 17-year-old girl (his fourth wife, and he’s still married to them all), while the Deputy Prime Minister is working to fracture the government before the PM gets back from negotiating a treaty, all so that the head of state can take over government?

A confidence vote that could lead to a coup? Sounds like a job for Schwartz T. Babcock!

So if you’re fed up with hearing how bad modern politics is, take a run at this excerpt from The Pax Terra. Sure, everything seems to be going wrong for the government of the Earth Empire, but at least you’ll know that there are good, level-headed, smart people working the problem –– and that those people are more dedicated to protecting the rights of all citizens, than to advancing their careers.

If you think such people can only exist in a world of complete fantasy, I can assure you that you are absolutely wrong.

It’s science fiction. Totally different genre.