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From the Journals – Dreams

I’ve had more than a few conversations recently about the choices we make and how we make them… about what it takes to stay committed to a dream when it’s impossible to know how long the journey will take, or if its realization will be all that we expect or hope it to be.

Strolling through my journals, I came across this passage from August 2000. It’s a theme I’ve revisited more than once over the years, and today it serves as a reminder, for me and for some people dear to me… to never give up on our dreams.

When do you give up on a dream?
That is the question that occupied my mind yesterday…
one full day of thinking.
I could simply decide that
I do not want to be a writer.
I could say that and make it so.
I would be, in fact already was…
in complete control.
In making that choice I could change
my life and do so immediately.
I could release pressure and free up time.
I could. Quite simply. Decide to change.

So the question plagued.
When do you give up on a dream?
And what would it feel like to let the dream go?

By the end of one day of questioning
and wondering if I should just walk away…
By the end of one day of not
feeling like myself…
I came to understand that
I am, in fact, the dream.
so I can only give up on it
If I give up on me.

No thank you.