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Elspeth Release Date

The date is now set: Elspeth, the third Champions novella for 1941, will be released exclusively as an ebook on Tuesday, May 28, 2013 (print edition to follow next November, as part of the omnibus War Footing). Look for an excerpt in the weeks ahead; for now, just a teaser:

The trail should have been cold by the time Lady Elspeth Cornish arrived in Scotland. Investigating the destruction wrought on the Grand Banks, the Champion of London led her lance to the Rosyth Naval Yard –– the last port of call for the Royal Navy’s Special Service Squadron before it departed for its fateful summit. It had been weeks since the disaster, so Elspeth naturally expected any villains would be long gone… but shortly after her arrival, she and her men vanished. When her trusted Sergeant is found dead a week later, a search team is rapidly assembled. Will Alex, Stephanie and Strong arrive in time to find the missing Champion… or could they fall victim to the same devastating trap?

In Elspeth, we get to dive further into the mystery around the attacks of 1941, while working alongside Champions who relate rather differently to the ordinary world around them. Safe to say, not every Lord and Lady is quite so grounded, or awkward, as our own whitecoat. Whether that’s good or bad is a matter of opinion.

What would Mike Strong do think?