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Friday Favorite – Equations

Equations Novels website screen capKenneth doesn’t actually know this yet (though I guess he will the moment he reads this post) but after finishing the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series and then moving on to Chris Hadfield’s An Astronauts Guide to Life on Earth, I decided I was in the mood to re-read his Equations Novels.

As the series opens, a humanoid wolf called Setter Caine is preparing for humanity’s return to Earth. The story that unfolds over the series’ eight books is filled with all manner of discovery, adventure and adversity on Earth, in space, and on planets far away.

The genre is obviously science fiction. The type of sci-fi is space opera. But just as Defense Command –– Kenneth’s popular military sci-fi series –– is also a love story, the Equations are philosophies about life, and how we choose to live it.

One day Iceberg may finally succeed in convincing a certain young man to write a short book called Earther Philosophy. In the meantime, here’s a sampling of “Friday Favorite” quotes from the Equations novels. I hope you enjoy them at least as much as I do.

Chase your dreams with a smile, because you’ll never regret the adventure.


The direction we take will define us in the centuries to come –– it will shape the lives of our children and our grandchildren. And none of us can honestly claim to know where that future will lie. We must trust our judgment, and trust our instinct.


Challenges will present themselves, and we will overcome them. That is nothing new to us; it is something we accept.


We’ve never been an impetuous people. We are determined, but not careless… our path into the future lies behind a shroud… But we advance into the darkness of time with the strength gained from our struggles, and our resolve to remain true to who and what we are.


Destiny is more about the choices you’re given, and what you do with them, than it is about the final answer.


What does it mean… to be full of light?
Maybe… maybe that all our good deeds, all the good we’ve ever created… maybe that’s powerful stuff. Maybe it comes back to us when we need it. Maybe believing in something actually fills you with a light that can’t be darkened.