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Evil Genius In December

It was December 2003. The Human Equation had been released that October, and we’d done our first round of media and book tours. Everything was new and exciting, but the pressure was high to release the rest of the Equations series on schedule. By that time, the first four books were already drafted, but the last four in the series were still proving a challenge.

What would the galaxy look like after the return of Omega? I had plenty of ideas, but I was  concerned they were too conventional for a villain possessing such evil genius. In need of help, I called my best friend Charlie Peters Peter Caron. We decided we had to plan things out seriously –– and by seriously, I mean whiteboards seriously.

It was Christmas break at Wilfrid Laurier University, so we booked a classroom and moved in for the day, covering the whiteboards with star charts and diagrams, scrawled notes and random ideas. Peter brought his usual genius, I brought my mediocre evilness, and together we figured out how Omega would turn the galaxy –– actually, two galaxies –– upside down.

The result was the campaign which guided The Vengeance Equation, The Nemesis Equation, and The Destiny Equation –– a true test for the Earthers, and one that has sparked much of my creative thinking ever since.

This holiday season, my friend Peter is off in the Hawke Protectorate Switzerland, so there won’t be a new strategy session… but I remain indebted to him for his help that first year, and ever since. Merry Christmas, old friend!

Here’s the very crude star chart Peter and I started with on December 22, 2003: