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Firebox Breakout

Firebox-StephanieYesterday, Stephanie Shylock wandered into the ‘Breakout Books under $5′ category on Apple’s U.S. iBookstore. It’s always good to see a title take on that sort of position –– this year we’ve been very kindly featured by the folks over at Kobo, and now it’s Firebox‘s turn to represent the Champions of 1941 for our American cousins.

That’s all good news, of course, but what surprised me when I checked the listing is that Stephanie appears to be there with Fox Magnus.

It’s not actually him, of course –– the former First Space Lord is happily retired from the Earther Navy, dedicating his time to being an un-funny dad and driving his wife Thena crazy. Nevertheless, if you check out this screenshot, you’d be forgiven for thinking the redhead with the ears and the sword is our very own fleet commander, enjoying an active retirement:

AN-Stephanie-LainWow, Fox picked up some serious retirement hobbies.

Of course, the Earthers are by no means the only humanoid canines ever created in fiction, but this is the first time I’ve seen a cover featuring a character who looks so much like one. Turns out he’s called Lain, and he’s a legendary assassin hailing from the book The Rise of the Red Shadow, by Joseph Lallo. Maybe Fox has a cousin?

I haven’t read Lallo’s book (obviously, since I was surprised by its cover), but I’ll have to change that. It’s always truly interesting –– often inspiring –– to see how different writers can take similar concepts (a humanoid canine, for example) and apply them to different sorts of stories. Back in the days when I was regularly serving as a guest author at conventions, it was easy for me to see this in person. I was always working on panels with, interesting indie writers –– the likes of Rob St. Martin, Ellen Curtis and my old enemy, Matt LeDrew.

AN-FoxMagnusThough I certainly can’t complain about the new world of ebooks –– they’ve provided great opportunities and success for us at Iceberg –– I do miss some of that old camaraderie. Though social media now makes it easier to meet writers from around the world, it’s not quite the same as it used to be.

Ah well; for now it’s good to know that Stephanie will have good company while Firebox continues on as a Breakout Book in the iBookstore!