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Firebox release date

It’s official: the first installment of the Champions of 1941, Firebox, will be released exclusively as an ebook on Tuesday, January 29, 2013. An excerpt from the novella will go online early in January; here’s the teaser from the back of the book:

When confronting a rogue Champion, an ordinary soldier’s best hope of survival is the ‘firebox’ –– a tactic invented by Lady Alex Smith, Second Lieutenant Stephanie Shylock, and Sergeant Mike Strong during their duel with Emily in 1940. Now it’s January 1941, and as these three arrive in Virginia to share their technique with American students, they find ominous threats converging over the Robinson Institute for United States Champions. Working together with Lady Caralynne and Colonel Robert Adams, the black hero of the Hubrin War, can they uncover the truth before chaos is unleashed?

Readers of His Majesty’s New World will note the return of another familiar face from that series: Colonel Robert Adams, the black officer from the 25th United States Infantry… who is, interestingly, still a Colonel twenty years later. And where Adams goes, Sergeant Major Turner will surely follow…

Stay tuned for more updates.