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From the Journals – Stillness

journalsI was reminded by a regular reader yesterday that I haven’t done a traditional From the Journals post in quite a while. I don’t think I was being chastised exactly, but I did get the sense one would be appreciated.

That in mind, I removed just one journal from the leather box I keep them in and began to flip through it. This is a departure from my normal approach, I’ll admit –– usually I’m looking for a particular month, or year, or topic, and I’ll scan multiple journals until I find something that suits what I have in mind.

But for today’s post, I started with no preconceived notions. I allowed my mind to be empty… perfectly still… and interestingly enough… in jottings sprinkled through a journal filled between February and June 2004… stillness is what I found.

The fact that you are moving
doesn’t mean you’re going anywhere.


We hurry to arrive at a place we have
no interest in visiting.
But never even begin the journey
to the place we most desire.


You could walk for days and
never reach your destination
Because sometimes you have to
remain perfectly still
to go anywhere.


Today I traveled nowhere
only to find that
I had finally arrived.


Stillness. Silence.
so you can be full.