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Location Scout – Green Gardens

green gardens gros morne newfoundlandThe opening scene from Whitecoat sees soon-to-be Lady Alex Smith swimming around the island of Newfoundland. She ends up floating under a cliff, contemplating her future… and possibly misinterpreting a seagull’s intentions (she is, by her own estimation, somewhat awkward).

Though the book doesn’t specify where around Newfoundland this takes place, the inspiration was a beach at one end of trail called Green Gardens, in Gros Morne National Park. The hike to this beach is, safe to say, spirited (particularly when you’re not prepared for it), but the place is rather like paradise –– as is so much of Gros Morne, and Newfoundland.

Unsurprisingly, I heartily suggest you visit Newfoundland in general, and Gros Morne in particular… though please, please, don’t try to go for a swim in the Atlantic. You are not a Champion, and believe me, it wouldn’t end well.