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Friday Favorite – Magic

AN-tablelands-bonnebayEarlier this week, Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism released its first new television ad of the year – Magic.

I remember my reaction the first time I saw one of these ads on TV  a number of years ago –– after I’d moved to Ontario. Finally, I thought, someone has captured not just how I’ve always seen my home, but the feel of it.

The cinematography, the music, the brief but powerful copy. All brilliant. All breathtaking. All home.

This first Gros Morne ad was the reason we decided to travel to a part of the province I hadn’t visited for more than four decades. As many people know, we’ve been back every year since.

Now, when the new year arrives, I await the release of new ads with great anticipation. I wonder what magic will Noel O’Dea and his team at Target Marketing & Communications come up with, and I’ve yet to be disappointed.

This year, I’m not surprised that they’ve finally produced one called Magic… because it’s magic indeed.

Warning: Visiting the Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism website may cause you to book a vacation. Watching all the Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism ads, plus accompanying videos, may significantly lower your blood pressure and eliminate stress. You may also forget to check your smart phone for messages for a long period of time while developing an intense urge to hike, beach comb or hunt for icebergs. All of these reactions are natural and should be enjoyed.