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Meet Lord Duncan

Next week sees the launch of Elspeth, and yesterday the excerpt from that novella went online.

Now’s your chance to meet Lord Duncan, the Champion of Edinburgh, with whom Alex, Stephanie and Strong must work as they attempt to find the missing Champion of London, Lady Elspeth Cornish. But where our three protagonists seem to get along famously with each other, it appears that Duncan is a bit less charitable towards his ordinary peers:

“You’re lucky you don’t have to put up with so many camp followers,” the Scot lowered his voice slightly with that observation – as if that would somehow prevent Strong and Stephanie from hearing, even though he was right in front of them. “I’ve asked many times to be relieved of mine, but General Kennedy refuses. Perhaps you’ll be proof of how much more we can accomplish unencumbered.

Read the rest of the excerpt here.

So, is Duncan just prickly, or is he perhaps a sign that the system for integration of Champions into society’s fabric –– the Byng Policy –– is not as universally effective as Alex might think?

Good grief, that was a loaded question.

Well, next week we’ll get to learn a little more about new Champions, and see how Alex, Stephanie and Strong do when they have to take on the duties of detectives, and go in search of a missing Lady.

Stay tuned…