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From the Journals, Mind to Mind

It seems I’m developing something of a habit. At or near the start of the month, I find myself browsing through old journals in search of postings from the same day or date in years gone by. It’s an enlightening practice. On the one hand, the exercise can reveal some simple facts. For instance, on May 1, 2012 my Lamy fountain pen (the black CP1 for any pen lovers out there) held purple ink and my journal of choice was a slim, black-covered Moleskin. On the other hand, it brings me mind-to-mind, or perhaps soul-to-soul, with my previous self… giving me an opportunity to spend time with my earlier thoughts. The words can help me recognize that which has changed in me, and that which has been and continues to be a constant truth.

Like the personal-truth entry below, from just a year ago today:

I have come to believe that our lives, the journey we refer to as life, is marked with significant moments that foreshadow what is to come, and at the same time, mark that our path is the correct one. Some of these are physical objects… some are experiences… some just the simplest of words uttered in a conversation over lunch… some are people we meet and never forget because we’ve already and always known them.

When I was 14 and walked with my father across a beach to retrieve a piece of an iceberg, I didn’t know what that iceberg foretold… I didn’t know what that shared experience would mean two decades later. But I do now… I do now…