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Ministry of Agriculture Nuptials

It’s widely known that a number of characters from Defense Command are based on real-life people whose souls I’ve stolen who’ve allowed me to borrow aspects of their personality. These people are some of the best I know, and it’s a privilege to have them join the Belt Squadron on its adventures.

Now, some of these people are already married with families, while others are –– like me –– perpetually single. Occasionally, though, one of the Defense Command characters makes the big transition from not wed, to wed… and this happened to a certain veteran of the Ministry of Agriculture last Friday.

Pine and Babcock, always keeping the Emperor in check.

Defense Command readers are familiar with the Earth Empire’s Ministry of Agriculture: it’s a relatively low-key bureaucratic entity, that oversees global farming on Earth, and hydroponic farming on Luna, Venus, and in the Belt. Most of the people working in its departments are skilled scientists, though a few come to the Ministry after careers in different parts of government.

Like, you know, being part of the most elite and feared corps of superagents and spies in human history.

Readers who have made it to 2234 and 2235 of Defense Command will recall that Keith Pine did some time at the Ministry of Agriculture while Schwartz T. Babcock was interning there. He then left and set up a store that sells all manner of cool things. It was never clear from the Martian War reminiscences whether he was married… but turns out, he is.

There are pirates at the reception? And me without Special Branch…

Or at least, the real him is. Now.

I wasn’t at the wedding. Since he’s a spy, that’s not really much of a surprise –– they do most things covertly. But yesterday, all the Iceberg partners were pleased to attend the celebrations honoring the nuptials. It was a fine evening –– not at all spoiled by the number of pirates who attended –– though we weren’t able to stay late.

That’s bad luck, as we naturally assumed this very public celebration was, in fact, a trap –– the sort of event set up by a superagent to attract all his enemies to one place at one time, so they can talk about their disagreement like civilized people.

Or, something more explosive. Whatever, would have been a fantastic show.

Nevertheless, many congratulations from all of us at Iceberg to the real Keith Pine Sine, and his now-officially-vastly-better-half, Regan Visa Avis! Very best wishes, have fun, and joy be to you both!

Congrats, Keith and Regan! (Photo stolen from Facebook, since catching a DCI veteran on camera is beyond my abilities)