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More Than Polygons

Earlier this week, Iceberg author and longtime freelance CGI artist Wesley Prewer decided to make his services available not just to Iceberg, but to the wider world of independent authors and publishers. This, I must say, is partly my fault; since Defense Command wrapped up last summer, I haven’t kept him nearly as busy as he’s accustomed to.

Wes is doubly cursed: he’s an able writer, but one of his greatest passions is CG art, and he enjoys his CG work most when it is part of (or indeed, helping shape) a rich plot line. Absent of context, a model is just polygons; when it’s integral to a story, it means a lot more.

The story he worked on with us from 2006 to 2012 has wrapped up (for now). Left underutilized, his creative mind is about ready to explode, so he’s looking for new ships to work on. Don’t believe me? Here’s some proof (be sure to watch in 720p):

Though Black Sun is still only in the early development phase from a writing standpoint, Wes has already worked up some incredible concept renders for the next generation Defense Command frigate, DCNS Daring. Is it a coincidence that this ship shares the name of one of the RN’s newest warships? Maybe. But whatever it’s called, it looks stunning.

Alas, Black Sun is still a ways off, and though we have a number of projects on the drawing board, Champions remains my immediate priority for the remainder of 2013. There’s only so much concept work that Wes can do without a full story behind it, so I’d suggest that anyone looking for good cover art get in touch with him. He’s offering his work at terribly good rates for indie writers and small presses (we’re actually rather envious).

If you can keep him distracted with your stories, he might stop generating concept art like Daring, and that would be terribly helpful. I already get enough grief from impatient Defense Command readers without him teasing them so blatantly!