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New Year. New Microsites.

Microsite imageThe Iceberg Publishing team has been known to tackle some relatively simple projects during the Christmas holidays.

First there was the year we redesigned and proofread the entire backlist to accommodate the new sizes required for international distribution as part of the 2010 plan. Next there was the year we moved the majority of our titles to ebook format, which required extensive file checks on different tablets and e-readers.

This past Christmas was no exception. Over the past three weeks we’ve created four new series microsites to join the award-winning, which has been online since Fall 2012.

Like I said… simple.

The basic content format for each new site is similar, and allows us to share with readers information and images that can’t be accommodated on the main Iceberg site. I’m told I shouldn’t promise any additional content… not right away at least… but I figure it’s a safe bet to suggest that at least one of the microsites will see new sections added in the months to come, because I already have plans for the Standing Tall site.

Each microsite can be accessed from –– just click on the appropriate photo at the top of the page (where it says ‘SELECT A SERIES’) –– or directly via their own urls. Links are included below.

We’re pretty pleased with the results of this year’s Christmas project and hope you can take a few moments to visit the Earthers, the Belt Squadron, the b’ys of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment, and to learn more about my Dad’s story.

Everyone will be happy to see you, I’m sure!

My series (one book so far, and another underway):
Standing Tall:

By Kenneth Tam:
Defense Command:
His Majesty’s New World: