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New World, New Look

Readers who have joined His Majesty’s New World in the past few months might not realize, but the books they’re reading represent something of a visual departure from the original editions. Back in October, as part of the launch of Champions, we decided it was time for the series to get a makeover –– to bring it more in line with the style Alex, Stephanie and Strong had brought to the table.

I know makeovers can be unpopular. When we had to change formats to accommodate international distribution back in 2010, we definitely disrupted some bookshelves… and as a guy with a lot of compulsively-organized bookshelves, I felt the pain. So if you started His Majesty’s New World before October 2012, and finished it after, my apologies for messing up the consistency of your set.

But it was time.

The original designs for His Majesty’s New World were representative of their era, but they never made the most of the photos we had for the series. It was preparation for Champions, and particularly our determination to make the most of photographer Olivia Witzke’s shots, that led us to the photo-dominant covers for the new series. Once we established that style guide, it didn’t take long for us to look back at the preceding books and think: we could do this a bit better.

And we could.

Make no mistake: the photos we took in 2007 ahead of Grasslands are not of the quality of Olivia’s professional work. I know because I was one of the guys taking them. However, the images were surely stronger than the confines of the covers they were occupying, so letting Whitecoat set the bar, we completed the makeover quickly and quietly right after the Iceberg Gala in September.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the result. For anyone who starts Champions and then wants to go back to learn what life was like for Smith, Caralynne, Jimmy, Annie, or Emily, the visual identity of the books will be a bit more familiar. It’s a good look, and I’m glad to see the b’ys of the RNR getting their dramatic due. After all they went through, they surely deserve it.