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New Year’s Eve Tradition

Later today the Iceberg partners will have what I regard as the company’s annual meeting. It has become our New Year’s Eve tradition to review the past year and lay out the key priorities for the next over sushi at our favorite Japanese restaurant (Yummyaki’s in Waterloo). The meeting runs for around two hours, after which we head out to other obligations and celebrations.

When we started these meetings a number of years ago, we recorded our ideas in a notebook with the Chinese symbol for “simplicity” on the cover. We’ve since graduated to Word documents and Excel charts, but the simplicity theme still applies, and serves to remind us that our goal at Iceberg always has been quite simple: we tell stories.

2012 marked Iceberg’s 10th anniversary, and it has been a very special year. I speak on behalf of the Tam family partners when I say none of us could possibly have imagined the journey we were embarking on when we began in 2002. It has been both an amazing adventure, and an absolute privilege.

Thank you first to my father, Iceberg’s original and enduring inspiration. And thank you to everyone who has traveled the journey with us so far –– for believing and for inspiring us each and everyday. We look forward to sharing with you our next decade of storytelling.

Happy New Year!