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Grand Banks release date

The release date for the next Champions novella is set: Grand Banks, the second installment for 1941, will be released exclusively as an ebook on Tuesday, March 26, 2013. Look for an except in a few weeks; for now, here’s the teaser:

In the face of an unprecedented threat to their Champions, the governments of the British Empire and the United States must quickly meet to form a strategy for mutual defense. A high-seas summit is arranged for the President and Prime Ministers, with the Royal Navy and United States Navy sending powerful warships to host –– and protect –– the talks. Their rendezvous point: the Grand Banks, in the North Atlantic ocean near Newfoundland. But danger is never far away; while the politicians are distracted by debate, can Lady Alex Smith, Second Lieutenant Stephanie Shylock, and Sergeant Mike Strong prevent total disaster?

In Grand Banks, His Majesty’s New World readers will be reunited with another familiar friend: Alain Lapointe, former commander of the Voltigeur Regiment. Rest assured that the French-Canadian hero remains as charming as ever… despite his career choices…

More details to come.