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Snapdragons In The Snow

AN-Snapdragon-SQ2Today marks both the release of Iceberg’s first ebook of 2014 and the first Champions novella set in 1942… in one enjoyable 37,500-word package called Snapdragon.

The cover features the awkward Lady Alex Smith and the ever-charming Mike Strong shading their eyes as they look upwards in a snowstorm, so I guess me saying that snow features prominently in this story isn’t a spoiler.

I might even get away with kicking around a few questions, like:

1. What does a Champion wear to shovel snow?
2. How many dragons does it take to clear a runway?
3. In the height of a snowstorm, what would Mike Strong do?
4. What’s the fastest way to remove snow from a Land Rover?

Of course, just because I kick such questions around doesn’t mean I’ll answer them… but were I to be purposefully oblique, I might say:

1. Less than most people, but more than a moose.
2. How many are around?
3. You’d best ask him.
4. You’d best consult a dragon.

That’s all I’m going to say, because otherwise the spoiler police will show up (and you know what he’s like). Meantime, if you’ve been waiting eagerly to see how the next year of missions will treat our heroes, you can download your copy of Snapdragon from your ebook retailer of choice. Happy reading!