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Sound Check – The Expedition

When Jacqui Tam was teaching me to write (my failings as a writer are my fault, not hers), one thing I learned was the value of music to the drafting process. I’ll elaborate more on that in future, but suffice to say I’ve had some sort of soundtrack for every book I’ve worked on.

Lately I’ve been sifting through playlists from past projects, and apparently I burn through a lot of music –– and a decent variety. Much of it you’d recognize, but I’m always on the lookout (listen-out?) for interesting new bands and artists who might help fuel future writing binges.

While I was writing The Expedition, my newest discovery was the Canadian band Huddle. One of their tracks, “Traded”, was in particularly high rotation through all my work on the back half of the His Majesty’s New World series, and it remains in the top 10 most played songs in my iTunes.

Huddle is definitely a band worth checking out –– with a sound that, for me, suited the Newfoundland Regiment driving across the grasslands of the new world. Though somehow I’m guessing that’s not what they were picturing when they cut their album…