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The Shipbuilder

One of the greatest creative collaborations I’ve enjoyed over the past ten years has been with fellow Iceberg writer Wesley Prewer. If you’ve seen the Defense Command or Equations books, you’ll recognize his work… if you’ve read Seas of Sand, you’ll know it too.

But Wes’s contributions don’t stop with cover images, or even written prose: when it came to figuring out anything naval in the DC universe, he always was (and remains) my first contact. And thanks to his grasp on naval history, and on sci-fi, he’d always bring good stuff to the table.

DC readers know the Tharsis-class battleships quite well; they feature heavily in 2233, and their builders loom large through the rest of the series. My first introduction to them felt like an intelligence briefing: I sat down at my desk and received images and reports explaining their existence, and illustrating their capabilities.

I hadn’t asked for any of this. Back in 2007, Wes just figured –– rightly –– that his proud Martian fleet (which he designed from stem to stern, while the DC designs were mine) wouldn’t have let my beloved Bonnies go unchallenged. And if not for his clear-thinking on that front, 2233 would have looked rather different.

I’m raising this point now because the end of the Martian War series has evidently not stopped Wes’s brain. He’s come up with something that looks to me an awful lot like a Martian pocket battleship –– the sort of warship built to not break any treaty rules, but to run roughshod over the spirit of disarmament.

Very interesting. And I have to wonder: what sort of DC story could involve such a ship.

There’s nothing planned. Yet.

At least not officially…