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The Universe Provides

I’m traveling this week, so I’m writing this post in a hotel room in Ottawa. The trip isn’t Iceberg related, and I knew there would be very little free time. But I still carried two new manuscripts with me.

During Iceberg’s first six or so years, carrying two drafts meant printing and packing between 600 and 1,000 pages, depending on the length of each book. And we frequently did just that. We’d gauge how much time we would have en route to read or edit and place those pages in our carry-ons, then we’d pack the rest in checked baggage. Apart from making our luggage heavier than it would otherwise be, it wasn’t a problem and it didn’t trigger extra charges. Airlines didn’t focus on the weight of every bag, as they do now.

I thought about this as I opened Elspeth and started reading it late last night. I wasn’t lamenting the changes that have happened in air travel, though I have definitely been known to do that. Instead, I was marveling. Because as has often been the case on this publishing journey, what we need is somehow there when we need it. It was that way with print-on-demand. It was that way with ebooks. And it’s that way with the tablets, or in our case, the iPads that have removed the weight of two manuscripts (and more than 125 books, not that you really needed to know how many are on my iPad) from the equation.

The universe, they say, provides… and I, for one, appreciate.