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Too Good To Be True

Kenneth Tam at 19Yesterday Kenneth wrote about a missed anniversary. I can’t believe we somehow forgot that date, but he’s absolutely correct –– if you’re going to forget an anniversary, it’s good to know the characters involved won’t hold it against you. Indeed, the Earthers wouldn’t expect the recognition in the first place.

The Equations series has a strong following. It’s popular with junior high school students through seniors and every age group in between. But there are people who’ve never been able to accept the characters the series is built around –– the Earthers.

The problem seems rooted in the fact that they’re fundamentally good –– all of them. They’re good to their very cores. They don’t have our flaws or our egos. They see things through a different lens and with a different clarity. They do what needs doing, because it needs doing. They do the right thing, because it’s the right thing. Of course they hurt. Of course they doubt. Of course they feel pain. But somehow, no matter the circumstances, they ultimately find light even within the darkness.

I’ve never had a problem with the Earthers, quite the opposite in fact. From my perspective we shouldn’t expect a species that is not human to be human. Nor should we expect a species that is not human to be worse than we are in any or all ways. Why can’t they be better? Why can’t we tell stories about beings who are better than us… in every way? Isn’t that better than always focusing on the negative? And at the end of the day, why can’t they inspire us to be a little more like them?

I’ve always been incredibly proud of Kenneth for bringing the Earthers to life on the page, for being staunchly protective of their way of life and their philosophy, for never doubting them, and for tackling the ‘too good to be true’ arguments head on. I’ve also always believed that the stories needed to be written and released when they were, for the reasons Kenneth shared in his own post.

Someday I hope Kenneth will write a book about the Earther philosophy, perhaps a small volume that I’ll be able to carry around in my purse and take a peek at on those days when life gets too heavy. Having spent a great deal of time over the years with Setter Caine, Andra Ursla, Elandra Caine, Fox Magnus, Draco Maximane, Savannah Felix, and so many others, I can speak with a fair bit of authority on their value and their wisdom. So I’ll keep pestering him to do that.

But I won’t pester him today. Today I’ll just say Happy Belated Anniversary, to the Earthers, who are most definitely not too good to be true, and the talented young writer who believes in them still.