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Year Eleven

One year ago tomorrow, Iceberg Publishing hosted its Tenth Anniversary Gala at the Tannery in Kitchener. The evening was beyond memorable –– an opportunity to take a step back and reflect on all the work we’ve done at Iceberg, and all the adventures still to come. It was a fine evening, with excellent company

And it was a year ago.

It’s odd how the single most inevitable aspect of human existence can be the most surprising. Of course time marches on –– days turn to weeks, months, and years, and we’re left catching our breath, wondering what just happened.

Such has been Iceberg’s eleventh year –– a whirlwind.

For the Iceberg partners, the past dozen months have included all manner of misadventures, some planned and others not. Our CFO –– my dad –– had a new knee installed, so that he could discard his cane and scale the Tablelands. Our chief editor and senior partner –– my mom –– was recognized with an international award for her book, which is Iceberg’s oldest and finest title. Defense Command is now sailing with the RCN, and I misbehaved sufficiently to get myself aboard HMCS Halifax for lunch (and beers) in the wardroom, while visiting the mighty and magnificent HMCS Sackville to commemorate the Battle of the Atlantic.

Jacqui started deploying new social media skills at the gala: here, she implements an effective photobomb.

We’ve been learning all year too; the serialized release structure for Champions has taught us the benefits and demands of a ‘new normal’ production schedule, while repeated visits to places like the Kobo headquarters in Toronto have given us an exciting preview of the next epoch of publishing. All of this in hand, we’ve re-engineered our business model, building upon the shoulders of our first decade while liberating our company and our writers to the trappings of a bygone era.

In the midst of all that, I’ve managed to miss too many friends. I won’t name names, but there are quite a few dear people who’ve suffered through (or perhaps amply enjoyed) months of total radio silence from me, and the only excuse I can offer is that it has been mad.

And it has been necessary.

Change is coming at Iceberg Publishing. Evolving circumstances and the new trajectory for our industry demand constant evolution, and we remain dedicated to staying on the leading edge. Readers might not notice anything –– the changes will be beneath the surface –– but they’ll be significant, and for the better. Upheaval is often difficult at first, but we’ve seen our share, and this time we’re terribly excited.

As my friend Setter Caine once said:

…the new journeys we face have not been mapped out: there are no ancient logs to tell us where we must go… this time we face the future with complete blindness.

And I believe we are ready to do that.

Tomorrow, Iceberg marks its eleventh anniversary, and prepares for another year of adventure. Thanks for coming along for the ride.