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Charles Chiang


Coming to writing after years as an avid reader and gamer, Charles Chiang has become a key contributor to Iceberg’s booklist. In 2007, he began assisting with background research for the Defense Command series, leading to a collection of memos on the subjects of ships, weapons, and strategies. Though many of these contributions remain in the background, it became clear that Charles would be well-positioned to join Iceberg’s writing team.

After another writer left Wes Prewer’s Seas of Sand project in 2010, Charles stepped out of the background and provided the novella ‘Maelstrom’ to the anthology Finding the Range. Aside from further writing projects, he now continues to provide strategic ideas to several different aspects of the Defense Command series (readers may refer to Rufus Chang’s strategies in 2235: The World Is Broken as an example).

Holding a BA in history from Wilfrid Laurier University, Charles works for Scotiacapital, and thoroughly enjoys traveling the globe, while still reading, writing, and gaming.

He presently lives in Toronto, Ontario.