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Jacqui Tam

JTam-17-AuthorThis all started when she walked across a rocky beach in 1974, and picked up a piece of an iceberg.

She was with her father at the time, in pursuit of an impossible dream: to touch an iceberg that had beached itself on the Newfoundland coast. It should have been unreachable, but she found a way to hold a piece of it anyway. Now she’s building the rest.

When her dad died in 1994, she was determined to share his story. She was about to sign with an agent, and nearly had a publisher, but she decided at the last minute to do it herself. It was the right decision. Now she’s the award-winning author of A Daughter’s Gift, the book that launched Iceberg Publishing in 2002.

She is Iceberg’s Editor-in-Chief. She earned the job thanks to decades of award-winning professional writing, editing, and communication, including almost 20 years at the executive level in Canadian universities. Internationally known and in high demand, she has plenty to keep her busy every day.

But Iceberg is her passion –– the dream she first held in her hands in 1974, which led her to a BSc in Mathematics, and a Masters in Journalism. She is Editor-In-Chief because she applies logic to emotion, understands stories, and knows how to remain focused in difficult times.

Most important: she has a passion for storytelling. She somehow manages to find time to do at least some of that, while focusing on guiding the company that began with her dream. There would be no Iceberg Publishing without her.

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