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Kenneth Tam

KTam-17-Author-1This is all the product of a misspent youth.

When he finished drafting his first book, he was 13-years-old. It wasn’t very good, but he started submitting it to publishers anyway. They were very polite. When he finished drafting his third book, it was much better, but he decided not to submit it to other publishers. He decided to write for the home team instead.

That third book was The Human Equation; more than fifty titles and 3.2 million words later, he is Iceberg’s journeyman writer.

While this was happening, he earned a BA and an MA in military history. He worked with a former UN Ambassador, then a Canadian Member of Parliament, then in finance, and now in energy research. He feels very lucky to have had access to all sorts of information –– to see how complicated the world is, when you peek behind the headlines.

He loves telling stories. He accepts little credit for whatever he writes, but accepts blame for any flaws. The errors are all his; the good bits are thanks to the characters who populate his stories, who are smarter, better, and much more likeable than he is.

Without him, there would be no Earthers, no Defense Command, no His Majesty’s New World, and no Champions. His hands are in every element of Iceberg’s operation, and he is proud to be a Partner in the family business.


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