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Peter Tam

PTam-17-AuthorEvery Christmas break while at school, he would reread The Lord of the Rings.

He grew up in Trinidad –– a warm, bright, sandy island paradise in the West Indies –– before coming to Canada for university. He chose cold, gray, rocky Newfoundland because of all the schools that accepted him, Memorial University (MUN) was the first to say yes. At disco near MUN he met Jacqui, and the rest is history.

These days, his bookshelves are double-stacked with early edition paperbacks encompassing entire eras of science fiction of fantasy –– Poul Anderson, Andre Norton, Christopher Stasheff, and Anne McCaffrey, just to name a handful. He holds a BA in English, a BSc in Math, and a Business Diploma, all of which he secured at the same time.

He knows how to help people deliver their very best. He coached two Newfoundland teams to record results at the Canada Winter Games. He referees squash at a national level. He helps ordinary people navigate the investment world. And he edits and provides story advice for all of Iceberg’s titles.

He also makes sure the company remains financially healthy in an industry that can be awfully unpredictable. His daily business is finance –– building portfolios, managing risk –– so while publishing can be tricky, he knows how to steer clear of troubled waters.

Peter Tam’s name has yet to appear on the spine of an Iceberg book. That might change, or it might not –– his decision. But there would be no Iceberg books without him.

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