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Champions 20 of 28



Revolution is at hand. After years of lonesome struggle against so-called ‘civilization’, Emily can finally deploy her army to destroy the myths that have kept Champions subservient for decades. Her war will fundamentally reshape the future of humanity, so any lives lost will be for the greater good… though, many of those destined to die will have triggered her violence, and thus be deserving of their fates. Emily is fighting for justice, and when she is confronted by opposition from deluded children like Alex, Stephanie, and Strong, she will do whatever it takes to prove her righteousness. Bedlam is coming… and it’s all about her.

Series The Champions of 1944 - Part 3

EISBN 978-1-926817-81-1
Published 2017-07-31 (ebook)

According to The National Post:

“Tam’s decade-long pioneering experience in this new, no-rules publishing world shows that small presses can invent themselves as they evolve. Iceberg just launched a new series, The Champions, which will release novella-length installments as ebooks throughout 2013, a latter-day take on the typical Victorian custom of monthly cliffhangers in magazines. Again, a merge of journalistic strengths — rapid writing to deadlines, and creativity.”

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