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Champions 22 of 28



The curtain has been drawn back on Emily’s mission to unmake human civilization. Her backers have been identified, her base located, her designs defeated. All that remains is to unleash the might of Jimmystown to capture her, and then to begin the long process of healing the wounds her crusade has left upon society. Utilizing every skill and insight they have gained since their first mission in 1940, Alex, Stephanie, and Strong must lead the final pursuit –– and hope that no more lives will be lost before Emily meets her end…

Series The Champions of 1944 - Part 5

EISBN 978-1-926817-83-5
Published 2017-12-31 (ebook)

According to The National Post:

“Tam’s decade-long pioneering experience in this new, no-rules publishing world shows that small presses can invent themselves as they evolve. Iceberg just launched a new series, The Champions, which will release novella-length installments as ebooks throughout 2013, a latter-day take on the typical Victorian custom of monthly cliffhangers in magazines. Again, a merge of journalistic strengths — rapid writing to deadlines, and creativity.”

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