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Champions 17 of 28



It is 1944, and Lady Emily’s insurgency is growing. Though the vast majority of the genetically-enhanced Champions in the British Empire and the United States remain loyal, some have heeded her call to overturn civilization, and to make themselves masters of two planets. The forces of Jimmystown must struggle to prevent open rebellion.

When two renegades are captured by HMS Colette in the mid-Atlantic, only Lady Elspeth Cornish is available to assist the Royal Navy cruiser. While Lieutenant Nancy Wake and Colonel Brian Horrocks join a newly-refitted HMCS Sackville and race to the scene, Elspeth must help Colette’s crew contain a pair of powerful, proven murderers, and defeat whatever plan they possess. Who can survive in the fray?

Series The Champions of 1944 - Prologue
ISBN 978-1-926817-77-4
EISBN 978-1-926817-78-1
Published 2017-01-01 (ebook) 2017-01-31 (print)

According to The National Post:

“Tam’s decade-long pioneering experience in this new, no-rules publishing world shows that small presses can invent themselves as they evolve. Iceberg just launched a new series, The Champions, which will release novella-length installments as ebooks throughout 2013, a latter-day take on the typical Victorian custom of monthly cliffhangers in magazines. Again, a merge of journalistic strengths — rapid writing to deadlines, and creativity.”

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