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Mister Bigflop

Mister Bigflop and the Haypile Heist


Welcome to a unique series of nature-based children’s adventure stories, featuring photos of real wild animals taken in nature!

Mister Bigflop is a special hare. He is curious and clever, thoughtful and brave. He can hop fast and far, and is always willing to help a friend in need. That’s why he’s made friends with all kinds of animals –– including some that are much taller and smaller, and some that wouldn’t usually think twice about a jackrabbit like him. In this adventure his cousin Wilson, the pika, calls for help when his winter haypiles go missing.

Written by professional science communicators (and enthusiastic nature photographers) to teach real animal behaviours in a fun and engaging way, this story can be read to or by children with an interest in nature, adventure, and helping friends in need!

All photos are original and were digitally composited to suit this story. No domesticated or captive animals were photographed, and the wild animals were not lured, fed, or disturbed as part of the photography process. Mister Bigflop is an urban-dwelling hare who enjoys regular snacks of grass, clover, and fallen birdseed in the authors’ backyard.

ISBN 978-1-989815-04-5

Published 2021-03-24 (print)