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Champions 19 of 28



For years, Smith drifted along the trails of the new world with no expectation that he’d ever put down roots and start a family. Decades later, as he, his wife and daughter all prepare to take part in a momentous wedding, he must pause to reflect on the life he has built, and the good fortune he has enjoyed. While the forces of Jimmystown prepare to fend of an attack by Emily that is almost sure to come, Smith tours his adopted home, and realizes the importance of the vows he once made –– and the vows he still must keep, when the bedlam begins.

Series The Champions of 1944 - Part 2

EISBN 978-1-926817-80-4
Published 2017-05-01 (ebook)

According to The National Post:

“Tam’s decade-long pioneering experience in this new, no-rules publishing world shows that small presses can invent themselves as they evolve. Iceberg just launched a new series, The Champions, which will release novella-length installments as ebooks throughout 2013, a latter-day take on the typical Victorian custom of monthly cliffhangers in magazines. Again, a merge of journalistic strengths — rapid writing to deadlines, and creativity.”

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