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Final Cruise: The Martian War Concludes


Since 2006, readers have been following the heroes of Defense Command as they struggled against the Martian Imperium and other forces whose presence was far less obvious. This July marks the end of that adventure with the release of the last four novels in Kenneth Tam’s Martian War series –– at last, the question of who has been pulling the strings over the course of the war will be answered.

“It’s been a long time coming,” Kenneth remarks on the events of 2235. “The plan has been in place pretty much for the whole series… now it finally gets to pay off.”

The plan involves Grant Merger, and the fate of Karen McMaster.

“Since an off-hand mention in The Almost Coup [the second book of the series] of Karen ending up in intensive care, the stage has been set. There have been some false-starts along the way, but now we get to see what exactly happens… and the fallout. I doubt people will be surprised with the journey of 2235,” Kenneth continues –– then adds, “Though hopefully they won’t see the end coming.”

Whether it plays out as some readers have predicted, or proves a complete surprise, it remains certain that many people await the outcome. After years of success in Canada, this year saw Defense Command rise to new levels of success in the United States. With the introduction of ebook editions in January of 2012, The Rogue Commodore found new readers around the world, but was particularly well-received in America, where Apple gave it featured billing in its iBookstore for seven months, making it a top-100 sci-fi title.

“We couldn’t be more happy about the ebook results,” Kenneth says. “For a six-year-old book to get that sort of response is really encouraging. We know there are many new international readers out there who are going to be looking for the conclusion, so they’ll have it soon.”

The final four Defense Command novels will not be available individually in print, but instead have been compiled into the omnibus 2235: The World Is Broken. This edition matches the omnibus volumes already available for the other four years of the series. Ebook readers will be able to purchase each book individually, though they won’t be available online until October.

“We’re still integrating our ebook and print platforms,” explains Jacqui Tam, Iceberg’s senior partner. “Starting with our new titles in October, we’ll have simultaneous print and ebook releases, and then advanced ebook releases, but for the moment we’re still leading with print.”

Whether picking 2235: The World Is Broken this summer, or downloading Tapestries of Blood, Memories of Angels, Acts of War and Enemies of Empire in the fall, loyal Defense Command readers will soon have their answers.

The Belt Squadron’s final cruise is about to commence.

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