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Iceberg and SFOTR Partner for Series Launch


Iceberg Publishing will launch His Majesty’s New World: The Grasslands, at a special event kicking off Sci-Fi on the Rock II, the second edition of Atlantic Canada’s largest science fiction convention. Grasslands, the first book in author Kenneth Tam’s new alternate history series, will be released on Friday, April 18, 2008, at the Holiday Inn St. John’s, Newfoundland, with the convention following on Saturday and Sunday.

“It’s a real privilege for us to be able to do this launch at Sci-Fi on the Rock,” explains Tam. “The book centers around the Royal Newfoundland Regiment, so it seems quite appropriate that it be released at a Newfoundland event.”

His Majesty’s New World: The Grasslands takes the premise that, in the1880s, explorers in the Canadian and American ranges of the Rocky Mountains discovered alien gateways that took them to a new planet.

Starting in 1919, the series recounts a mission by the Royal Newfoundland Regiment to explore an untamed part of this new world.

“It’s a cross between a classic Victorian adventure of Empire, a Louis L’Amour western, and H. G. Wells,” Tam remarks. “It was incredibly fun to write, and it allowed me to put some of my recent historical research to good use!”

Partnering for the release is Newfoundland’s Sci-Fi on the Rock convention, the largest of its kind in Atlantic Canada. Started as a one-day event in April of 2007, it garnered so much interest and local support that organizers have turned the 2008 edition into a multi-day event, with guests so far including actor Jeremy Bulloch of the Star Wars films, authors, artists and more.

“We’re very pleased to partner with Iceberg Publishing for the launch of this book,” co-Head Organizer Darren Hann says. “The release will be on the night before our other programming gets started, and will be open to the public. Anyone who’s curious about what our convention is like can come down to get a free preview.”

Further details about the event will be released as it draws closer. More information on the Sci-Fi on the Rock convention can be found at, and more details about Kenneth Tam’s His Majesty’s New World series can be found at