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Iceberg Announces Spring-Summer Schedule


Iceberg’s editing team has been hard at work through January, and is now ready to confirm the release plans for the next sixth months.

“Despite the economic downturn, we’re still ready to go,” says Kenneth Tam. “Readers of His Majesty’s New World, the Equations and Defense Command will have new installments on schedule.”

The first title due for release is the second volume of Kenneth’s alternate history series, His Majesty’s New World. The Frontier will be launched on April 24, 2009, at a special event kicking off the Sci-Fi on the Rock III convention in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

“We launched The Grasslands at a similar event last year, and we’re very happy to be returning to Newfoundland for the debut of the next adventure,” Kenneth explains.

The Frontier picks up the story of Major Tom Waller and his Royal Newfoundland Regiment a month after the events of The Grasslands. New information gathered after the RNR’s last mission sees the unit dispatched into American territory, to work with the buffalo soldiers of the 25th United States infantry on a new assignment.

After the April launch of The Frontier, Iceberg’s next three titles will come in July, tied to Kenneth’s sixth straight Guest Author appearance at Polaris, Canada’s largest fan-run science fiction convention. These releases will be highly significant, including Kenneth’s twentieth novel, The Destiny Equation.

“Since the Earthers were so important in the journey to get here, I think it’s very appropriate that The Destiny Equation is going to be the twentieth,” Kenneth elaborates. The eighth and final installment in the core Equations series has been hotly anticipated by readers across the country, many of whom have been reading the novels since The Human Equation debuted in 2003.

Recent Equations novels have put the Earthers and their allies into a seemingly untenable situation, with the sentient plague Omega bearing down on Earth, and no forces seemingly capable of standing against him. The situation will be resolved in The Destiny Equation.

“We’re going to deal with Omega… or he’s going to deal with us,” Kenneth states. “It’s a great finale for the core series.”

Finally, July will also see the release of two more Defense Command novels, The Mercury Assault and The Fleet Clash. These two books will wrap up the year 2233, and finish off the Martian Imperium.

“[The Martians] will sue for peace before the end of 2233… but the question is how many of Ken Barron’s key people will be there to see it… and what messes will result afterward. There’s much left to come in the back half of the Martian War series.”

The previous two Defense Command novels, The Canary Wars and The Forge Fires, were released in July 2008, making this the longest delay between installments since the inception of the series.

“With The Forge Fires we reached the mid-point,” Kenneth says. “That was book ten of twenty, so we decided to take a full year off in between –– the intermission, if you like. We aim to return to a four-per-year release schedule.”

As for fall 2009, Kenneth refuses to comment on specific plans.

“We have a number of excellent projects waiting in the wings, but we’re going to be careful about rolling them out in this economic climate. There are also a few major initiatives in the background that are drawing our attention. All that being the case, we’re going to remain conservative in our predictions for fall 2009. Expect to see new titles, and keep an eye on the site for new announcements as we get closer.”