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Iceberg Enters the Seas of Sand


Martian deserts, treaded warships, powerful villains and a relentless civil war are coming soon in a new series from Iceberg Publishing. The company today announced that Wesley Prewer’s Seas of Sand has been added to its 2010 release schedule, filling the immediate gap left after the conclusion of Kenneth Tam’s Equations series last July.

“We haven’t heard the last from the Earthers,” explains Iceberg senior partner Jacqui Tam, “but while the next projects in the Equations universe remain in development, we’re taking this opportunity to expand our sci-fi line.”

The Seas of Sand project has been in development since 2006, when Wesley Prewer’s Retaliation was published as part of the Equations universe. The series features a civil war on a partially-terraformed Mars, involving the use of large, desert-going warships that run on treads.

“The project first began development after the success of Retaliation,” Jacqui says. “Wes has created a rich world with two incredibly different factions. We’re looking forward to exploring this story, and in the beginning at least, will be doing things a bit differently.”

Initial plans had called for Seas of Sand to be launched as a series of novels, authored by Wes Prewer. However, during the project’s development, Wes and Iceberg’s editing team saw an opportunity to bring readers into the world in a new and exciting way.

“We’re going to launch Seas of Sand with a series of anthologies,” Jacqui Tam explains. “Wes will be the primary writer for each one, but we’ll bring in other writers to tell stories from different points of view. This will allow us to see this very complex conflict through eyes on both sides.”

The first of these anthologies, Finding the Range, will debut in summer 2010, and will have contributions from three writers.

“We’ve put together a team with a variety of experience, and a capacity for high-quality writing,” says Jacqui.

Wesley Prewer has top billing. As the creator of the Seas of Sand universe, he will write two novellas for the anthology, and has editorial approval of the volume. His contributions to Finding the Range are entitled The Great Dame and Shakedown, and will bookend the volume, introducing readers to the war-weary veterans of the Southern Navy.

Joining Wes will be newcomer Charles Chiang. An accomplished student of military history, and enthusiast for written military science fiction, Charles brings a broad and sophisticated understanding of the genre with him to the project.

“We’re very excited to have Charles join the Iceberg author team,” Jacqui explains. “His novella Maelstrom will take readers into the besieged and militarized society of the South, and show the brutal toll the civil war is taking on the ordinary citizens.”

The final writer involved in Finding the Range will be Iceberg partner and author Kenneth Tam. The veteran of twenty-two science fiction and alternate history novels for Iceberg, Kenneth brings a wealth of experience to the project, and has been a sounding board for Wes through much of the development of the Seas of Sand.

Kenneth’s contribution to Finding the Range will come from the opposite side of the conflict, revolving around the heir to the throne of the Northern Empire. Entitled Soft Target, the novella will examine the intrigue surrounding the Northern government’s ruling family, and reveal the very different social order that drives the North to battle its rebel adversaries.

“Having three different writers telling stories from such a wide variety of viewpoints will make this introduction to Wes’ universe unique and engaging,” Jacqui Tam concludes. “You quickly realize that the struggle in this gritty civil war isn’t simply between good and evil. Seas of Sand is full of shades of gray that challenge readers to look beneath the surface, and come to their own conclusions.”