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Iceberg Plans Seven Titles For 2007


Iceberg Publishing celebrated a banner year in 2006,  with the release of six new titles, the addition of author Wesley Prewer to the Iceberg writing team, and the release of a new pocket paperback edition of its first title, Standing Tall: A Daughter’s Gift. Coming into 2007 — Iceberg’s fifth year of operations — the company has eleven titles on its list, and the next twelve months will see the release of at least seven more.

“It’s an exciting time for us,” Iceberg partner Kenneth Tam explains. “We were able to introduce Wes Prewer, our first outside author, in 2006. To start 2007, we’re adding John Fioravanti to our team.”

John joins Iceberg with his non-fiction A Personal Journey to the Heart of Teaching. An honest, insightful, and touching reflection on his more than thirty years teaching high school history, Journey will help students, parents and teachers understand the personal challenges and growth faced by those who stand at the front of the classroom. The book will be Iceberg’s second non-fiction title, and will be released in the spring.

In addition to Journey, John has begun work on The Genesis Saga, a series of novels in Kenneth Tam’s Equations universe, which will explore the relationships of the human main characters in that series during the forty-year gap between The Earther Equation and The Genesis Equation.

“Wes Prewer started a great tradition of adding to the Equations universe with new perspectives and ideas,” Kenneth says. “John follows that tradition with a wonderful plan: he’s going to explore the personal lives of Sarah Manchester, Pat Conroy, Graham Manchester, and our other favorite humans as they struggle to rebuild Genesis after the war. In The Genesis Equation we get to see the result of their efforts, but John will use his unique grasp of history and personal storytelling to show how creating that society drained our heroes, and created challenges in their relationships.”

The Genesis Saga will be an on ongoing project, with the first book not expected until at least 2008. However, Equations readers won’t have to wait that long for more installments in that universe.

In summer 2007, two more Equations novels are due. The sixth book in the main Equations series, The Vengeance Equation, will explore the Earthers’ resistance to the enemy who shocked readers at the end of The Genesis Equation. Along with it will be The Campaign Equation: Pathfinders, the second and final installment in Wes Prewer’s Equations storyline. Pathfinders fills in the gap between The Renegade Equation and The Earther Equation, and will feature the characters from Retaliation — including Ami Cairn, Zed Dune and Barty Stowt — as they open the siege of the Krogg home worlds.

Even with the Equations continuing in full swing, Kenneth Tam is adding to the Defense Command series as well. Launched in 2006, this series of the reminiscences of main character Ken Barron have become wildly popular, the first four books, being released within a period of six months. In 2007, Kenneth will add the four books covering the next year of hostilities.

“Ken Barron and his officers are into the second year of war with Mars, and this leads to some interesting adventures in Earth space, and out at Jupiter,” Kenneth elaborates. “Readers can look forward to the return of all the main and popular guest stars from 2231, and to some new characters too.”

The Gallant Few and The Jupiter Patrol, the fifth and sixth books in the series will be released in the summer, while The Sinope Affair and The Dark Cruise, books seven and eight, will be launched in the fall. More books in the series will follow in 2008, as the Martian War rages on.

Aside from these plans, Iceberg has a number of other projects underway during 2007. Wes Prewer is continuing work on his much anticipated Seas of Sand science fiction series, with the release date for the first volume expected sometime in 2008. Details on the plot of the novels are being carefully guarded for the moment.

Jacqui Tam, Iceberg’s first author and leading editor, is returning to the keyboard to work on a number of projects, including the eagerly awaited next book in the Standing Tall series. No release dates have been set, but readers can check back to this site for updates.

Kenneth Tam has also started work on a new series, His Majesty’s New World. Based in an alternate history, these books will meld Kenneth’s background in the study of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries with his science fiction experience to create exciting new adventures. The release date for the first of these books — presently entitled The Grasslands — has yet to be set, but it has been hinted that a late 2007 launch is not out of the question.

“We’ll see how all our projects progress,” Kenneth states. “We have plans for seven books, but we’ll work with our writing and editing teams to determine if more than that is practical this year.”

When asked whether any new projects from outside authors are being considered, Kenneth answers carefully, “We’re not actively seeking new authors now that we have John on board… but we do operate with a philosophy of flexibility. There are certain opportunities we’re investigating, so we’ll see what happens.”

Even without additional authors, Iceberg plans to make 2007, its fifth year in business, the best year yet. With a new non-fiction title and additions to both popular science fictions series ahead, readers have much to look forward to!

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