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Iceberg Publishing Announces 2010 Plan


Iceberg Publishing enters a new phase of growth in 2010, with new distribution, new editions, new formats, and new series planned for launch. These evolutions will change the way Iceberg helps its readers look beneath the surface of everyday life, without altering the distinct and environmentally friendly approach the company has pursued for the past eight years.

International Distribution

Iceberg is pleased to announce that its titles will be available to booksellers in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom through the Ingram Book Group, one of the world’s largest book distributors.

Iceberg will continue to offer special Canadian editions of its books for direct sale to its readers –– the relationships built over the last eight years will not be abandoned. However, working through Ingram’s Lightning Source Division, special international editions of Iceberg titles will be available to readers and booksellers on both sides of the Atlantic.

“We’re looking forward to this relationship with Ingram,” says Jacqui Tam, Iceberg’s Senior Partner. “Lightning Source prints books on demand, in the same environmentally friendly manner we have used since we opened in 2002. However, they marry that method of printing with direct access to one of the world’s largest book distribution networks. It’s a perfect fit for the way Iceberg does business.”

With Ingram’s Lightning Source service, available Iceberg titles will only be printed when ordered. Under the traditional publishing model, large orders of books would have been printed and warehoused in anticipation of orders, creating waste if sales do not meet expectations.

“Digital printing allows us to massively reduce the environmental impact of book production while ensuring readers have fast access to our stories,” Jacqui continues. “That’s one of the reasons Iceberg has pursued this model from the beginning, and we’re very pleased that we can now benefit from Ingram’s distribution channels without having to move away from this important priority.”

Iceberg titles will begin entering the Ingram Lightning Source system in January 2010, and to mark the occasion, special new editions are planned.

International Editions

As Iceberg titles travel more regularly outside of Canada, the company is producing special new editions.

“We really wanted to acknowledge the significance of this change in distribution by creating new editions of some of our veteran series,” explains partner and author Kenneth Tam. “We’ve completely redesigned many of the books on our so-called backlist for the new marketplaces.”

Completed last July, Iceberg’s flagship science fiction series, the Equations novels, will be released in new trade paperback editions, each featuring new cover art from experienced Iceberg graphic artist Wesley Prewer.

The new edition of The Human Equation will also include an exclusive new novella by Kenneth Tam. The Quest expands on the human story during that novel, and provides readers with new background on some of series’ significant characters.

The Defense Command universe will also find a new format for the international marketplace. Each plot year of that series will be combined into omnibus editions, also featuring new artwork from Wesley Prewer.

“Defense Command has always been structured around having four novels per plot year –– 2231, 2232, 2233, and so on. We’ll thus release the four books from each year together in a single volume,” Kenneth says. “New Defense Command novels will continue to be released individually in Canada, but in the US and UK, readers will have to wait for the omnibus that follows after each year’s story is complete.”

Jacqui Tam’s Standing Tall: A Daughter’s Gift will return to its popular trade paperback format, with an updated International Edition including a new foreword from the author. Plans also call for the popular His Majesty’s New World and the award-winning A Personal Journey to the Heart of Teaching to see new editions later in the year.

New Formats

After many requests, Iceberg is proud to announce that it will be moving towards the launch of ebook editions of its titles during 2010.

“We’ve had a lot of requests for ebooks,” Peter Tam, partner and CFO, reports. “Thanks to this relationship with Ingram through Lightning Source, we look forward to being able to meet that demand.”

Though plans do not yet specify a release schedule, projections indicate that all Iceberg titles will likely be available for ebook readers by the end of the calendar year.

“Ebooks are an exciting new opportunity, so we will be working hard to make all our books accessible in that format,” Peter concludes.

New Series

After announcing a little over a year ago, in November 2008, that all new projects had temporarily been suspended due to the market conditions associated with the global economic downturn, Iceberg is now preparing to unveil what will be its first new series in two years.

Involving two of Iceberg’s authors, as well as a third, new writer, the project will add to Iceberg’s strong science fiction line. It is anticipated the series will be announced before the end of 2009, and the first volume’s release is projected for July of 2010.

This new series is one of several projects currently in development at Iceberg. Additional science fiction, contemporary fiction, and creative non-fiction projects will be revealed over the course of the year.

Concluding: Iceberg 2010

Iceberg Publishing will welcome many changes in 2010, and with them the opportunity to introduce thousands of new readers to the stories that have proved very successful across Canada.

“We are looking forward to this opportunity, and to this challenge,” Jacqui Tam says. “But whatever these changes may mean for our methods of book distribution, they will not change our dedication to telling stories that encourage readers to look beneath the surface.”

Stay tuned to for updates about the new editions and titles coming as part of the Iceberg 2010 Plan.