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Iceberg Titles Featured in the Apple iBookstore


Two of Iceberg Publishing’s most popular books are now featured as New and Notable titles on the Apple US iBookstore. Jacqui Tam’s Standing Tall: A Daughter’s Gift and Kenneth Tam’s The Rogue Commodore, debuted in this position on Tuesday, January 17, 2012.

“We’re very excited to start Iceberg’s ebook operations on this high note,” said Jacqui Tam, Iceberg’s senior partner and chief editor. “With 29 of our titles currently in this format, we’re looking forward to reaching both new and familiar readers.”

All books in the Equations, Defense Command, and His Majesty’s New World series are now available as ebooks, along with Jacqui Tam’s Standing Tall –– Iceberg Publishing’s premier title, first published in 2002 and currently in its third edition. The company celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2012, and the move to ebooks was the first step in its plan for marking this milestone year.

“Being able to debut the new formats as part of Iceberg10 is a real privilege, and key to how we’ll be growing in our second decade,” Jacqui continues. Aside from their placement in all Apple iBookstores worldwide, Iceberg’s ebooks are being distributed to fifty-seven other Canadian and international marketplaces. Using the ePub format, the books will be available on most popular eReading devices. Print books will also continue to be available.

“We’re passionate about the storytelling business, and we’re not leaving print books behind,” Jacqui Tam concludes. “Later this year, we’ll reveal plans to partner the two mediums –– ebooks and print –– in a way that will maximize the experience for our readers.”