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Kenneth Tam to Visit St. John’s for Events


Twenty-year-old Kenneth Tam will visit St. John’s next week for the launch of the mass-market paperback editions of his first three Equations novels. The launch, which is open to the public, will be held at the Johnson GEO CENTRE starting at 7:30 pm on Thursday, May 5.

While in the province, Tam, who currently lives in Ontario, will also be delivering an all-day writing workshop for junior high students and visiting a number of high school classes.

“I’m excited to be coming home and am particularly looking forward to connecting with young writers,” Tam says. “Most of the students I’ll be talking with are about the same age now that I was when I first came up with the idea for the Equations series and began writing it.”

“I’m expecting them to have lots of interesting questions, and I’m hoping we can have the kind of dialogue that will help inspire them to go as far as they possibly can with their writing,” Tam continues.

Tam says he’s also thrilled to be holding the launch at the GEO CENTRE, a site that celebrates both the Earth itself and the universe beyond.

“The Equations novels are set 700 years in the future,” Tam says, “after humanity has all but destroyed itself and the planet. The books contain a very strong message about the importance of protecting our planet; they also feature numerous adventures in the universe beyond. So there couldn’t be a more fitting site than the GEO CENTRE for the event.”

In addition to having published three novels in less than two years, Tam has just completed his third year as a student in honors history at Wilfrid Laurier University where he’s earned a grade point average of 11.5 out of 12. He also works part-time as a Sports Information Assistant for Laurier Athletics, and does freelance graphic design ‘when time permits.’ And he’s a partner in Iceberg Publishing, the independent publishing company started by Tam and his family in 2002, and runs the website dedicated to the Equations novels —

Tam will follow his Newfoundland trip with school presentations and an author event in Southern Alberta later in May.

The release of the fourth and final book in the first Equations series saga will take place in July and is set to coincide with his attendance at Toronto Trek ‘Canada’s largest science fiction event’ as an author guest for the second year in a row.