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Listen to The Grasslands

I find it very strange to hear words I’ve written read back to me by someone else… especially someone who actually makes them sound good. It’s doubly odd to get as invested in a story that I wrote… as if I didn’t write it. The experience of having a tale told to you is completely different than the experience of reading it… and it’s a lot of fun.

I know this because we’ve finally answered the call we’ve been hearing repeated since the earliest days of our convention appearances: we have begun audiobook production. The first title to get the storytelling treatment is The Grasslands.

When Smith and Tom Waller encountered each other on the new world in 1919, their decision to collaborate changed everything. This month we’ll launch Epitaph, wrapping up the Champions of 1944, and it’s safe to say all of the events of that book — that entire series — are dependent on (and sometimes foreshadowed by) the book that began His Majesty’s New World.

Since it launched back in 2008, Grasslands has been a juggernaut for us, introducing thousands of readers worldwide to Newfoundlanders and the famed Newfoundland Regiment. It was a natural choice for Iceberg’s first audiobook, and now you can hear the story.

Narrating is British actor Andrew Dennis — himself a writer, dad, and master of accents. He was presented with no shortage of challenges with this project, because in his reading of dialogue he had to credibly sound American, Canadian, and most importantly, like a Newfoundlander. Hailing from Bristol, Andrew’s never been to Newfoundland… but thanks to his genius for vocal performance and his capability as a storyteller, he could surely pass as one on a visit to the Rock.

I’ll undoubtedly talk more about Andrew and the important qualities he’s brought to His Majesty’s New World in the coming months. He’s already begun preparing to record The Frontier, and the rest of the series will follow. Other Iceberg titles will also get the audio treatment, beginning with A Daughter’s Gift which is currently accepting auditions from female narrators. Eventually, the entire backlist may be recorded –– time will tell.

For now, just a taste of what you can find if you visit Audible, iTunes or Amazon today. Here’s Andrew Dennis reading for us the moment that Smith first encountered the Royal Newfoundland Regiment –– a moment that changed everything for everyone in that universe…

Happy listening!