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Looking Back at 2005, and Forward to 2006


The 2005 year was an exciting one for Iceberg Publishing. Though only one new title, The Earther Equation, was added to our book list, the year marked our move to the new, highly successful pocket paperback format, and the first book tours in Alberta and Newfoundland.

Pocket paperback editions of The Human Equation, The Alien Equation, and The Renegade Equation were released in May, just in time to be launched in Newfoundland. The Earther Equation was then launched exclusively as a pocket paperback in July, just in time for its first appearance at Toronto Trek 19. The pocket paperback format has become Iceberg’s staple, and 2006 will see many more released.

In May of 2005, Iceberg undertook its first book tours outside Ontario. Newfoundland was the first destination for the month, with a week-long visit to St. John’s. Through the week, Kenneth Tam visited classrooms in St. John’s and nearby Conception Bay South, talking to classes about writing, and running a day-long workshop a Villanova Junior High. Along with these Author in the Classroom visits, a special book event was held at the Johnson GeoCentre, launching the first three Equations pocket paperbacks into the Newfoundland marketplace. The trip was a great success, and a 2006 follow-up is currently being planned.

Following the success of the Newfoundland trip, Kenneth Tam traveled to western Canada to visit Lethbridge, Alberta. Visiting his former junior high school, Father Leonard Van Tighem, he spoke to some 300 students about writing, and then held a special book event for Equations fans, which gave him the opportunity to recognize the support and contributions of his Lethbridge readers. Another success, this event closed the out-of-Ontario events for Iceberg in 2005.

Only a month after returning from Alberta, Iceberg moved next to a major national event: Toronto Trek 19. Kenneth Tam had been invited back to Canada’s largest science fiction event as an Author Guest for a second straight year, and for 2005 Iceberg set up its own booth at the convention, selling books direct to fans, and generating a great deal of interest in the Equations series. Toronto Trek marked the end of the event season for Iceberg in 2005, but many plans are being set in motion for the new year.

Iceberg’s first milestone for 2006 will be the launch of the new pocket paperback edition of Standing Tall: A Daughter’s Gift, the company’s first and widest-selling title. Demand for the book has remained high since its launch in 2002, and the new edition is offered at a lower price and with additional material from the author, Jacqui Tam.

Plans for a return to Newfoundland in May of 2006 have already been laid out, and with that trip new books are to be introduced. Jacqui Tam’s long await Standing Tall: A Father’s Legacy is under development, while the launch is being planned for the first two books in a new science fiction series from Kenneth Tam: The Rogue Commodore and The Almost Coup. Further titles in this series may indeed be released later in the year, but, as promised to Equations fans across the country, The Genesis Equation: The Fifth Equations Novel will be released in July. Further developments including writing workshops and Author in the Classroom visits are being considered, and details will be posted when available.

Iceberg Publishing had an exciting 2005, and 2006 promises to build on the many successes of the bygone year. To keep apprised of the developments, stay tuned to this website. Happy New Year, and best wishes from the Iceberg team.