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Meet the Champions


A new adventure series debuts October 23, 2012, featuring international intrigue, other-worldly influence, and intense action –– all converging in Newfoundland. Whitecoat, the first novel in author Kenneth Tam’s new series, The Champions, is now available in print and ebook, and it brings the story of His Majesty’s New World home to Earth.

Champions is a new story for new readers,” Tam explains. “You don’t need to have read His Majesty’s New World to enjoy it… but if you read that series and wanted to know what happens next, you’ll certainly find out.”

The story begins in 1940, with the world on the brink of war. The German Empire, victorious against the French in 1914, is chafing under the undisputed hegemony of Britain and the United States. Meanwhile the English-speaking powers have been ignoring European politics… because they’ve been busy colonizing another planet since 1881.

“This obviously isn’t the history we learned in school,” Tam says. “In His Majesty’s New World, we were based on another planet, but often heard hints about what was happening on Earth –– how things were being changed by the presence of another planet. Now we get a front-row seat to the troubles at home.”

The series follows a team led by Lady Alex Smith, a new young Champion with parents very familiar to His Majesty’s New World readers. She is accompanied by Stephanie Shylock, her American best friend who joins the Newfoundland Army so they can serve together, and Sergeant Mike Strong, a colorful veteran of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment.

“The trio is pretty special,” Tam elaborates. “They’re fiercely loyal to each other, highly skilled, and their collective sense of humor is so bad, it’s terrible. They’ll be a lot of fun to follow.”

Although Whitecoat is launching in a traditional manner, Champions will pursue a groundbreaking path for future years. Instead of releasing one new novel annually, Tam will divide each year’s story into five novellas, which will be released exclusively as ebooks.

Every second month beginning in January 2013, readers using devices like the Kobo and the iPad will be able to download a new adventure with Alex, Stephanie, and Strong. After the year’s five novellas have been released as ebooks, they will be compiled into a single print omnibus, which will be released next November.

“It’s an exciting storytelling opportunity,” Tam says. “It’s like the old days of classic dime novels, when readers had only a short wait between installments. The format strongly encourages serialized storytelling, and I’m looking forward to the challenge.”

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